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AddBooks AB, sells MP3- and Ebooks for directly download to individuals, businesses and public administration. In order to shop with us, you must be of age. We reserve the right for any errors in the article information and reserve the right to price changes without prior notice. Completed order, means that you agree to our terms of purchase and agrees that name, address and e-mail, or corporate registration, are stored in our customer database.

Ordering Information

MP3-books, Ebooks and other products are ordered via AddBooks website. If the title you are looking for not is found, please contact us via our Contact form, select topic - Product information. An order through Internet, is complete, when you received an order confirmation from us.

All books are presented with information and facts, in the language in which they are published. No translation, takes place between the book titles and the website's different languages.

Your order confirmation in PDF-format – applies as warranty receipt, one year from date of purchase, for physical products. If, you do not already have Adobe Reader installed - you can download it here.

NOTE! You can switch between several different currencies - in the site's header, to select a currency that suits you.

Do you buy for a company, or public administration, and are interested in ordering larger quantities, please contact us via our Contact form, select topic Order - so we can give you an offer.

Copy protection for MP3-books

Digital watermarking is meant to protect copyright material. When downloading an MP3-book, the file is stamped with a digital watermark. The watermark is composed of non-acoustic information in the sound, containing the customer's order number. This watermark does not affect the file format and it´s not difficult to download or use the audio files. Any unauthorized copying and dissemination, is prohibited and the watermark shows that the sound files belongs to the customer. The customer is solely responsible for that the sound files, do not spread further to other users. If the sound files end up in the wrong hands, such as a file sharing site, a decoder can be use to obtain the customer's order number. Because the data consists of audio information it´s remains, even if the sound is played from one device to another. The technology of digital watermarking on this site is licensed by MusicTrace.

Copy protection for Ebooks

All Ebooks are encryption- or copy protected (also known as DRM) to ensure that the books may not be copied or distributed illegally. Today there are several different copy protection depending on format..


The gift card can only be used once and the full value must be used – otherwise, it will be lost. You can combine several giftcard at any one time you buy. If the product cost more than the gift card, the residual value is paid as usual.


The price of our goods are listed in SEK as default. But you can also see the prices in Euro, Dollar, Pound, DKK or NOK. Prices are always inclusive of VAT within EU. VAT is 6% on all books in Sweden.

Shipping Cost

The basic Shipment is currently from 99 SEK within Sweden. For larger quantities, bulky items, if the order contains more than one package, or if delivery must be made on a pallet - the shipping cost will be calculated at the billing of the order, when it is clear what the order weighs.


AddBooks delivers MP3-books and Ebooks worldwide for direct download. For other products, we deliver to addresses in Sweden and the countries within the EU. The average delivery time is two working days from order date within Sweden. Delivery times on the website, are expected delivery times and we do not guarantee, that the goods sent from us, comes within a specified number of weekdays, when unforeseen delays may occur. The delivery time for your order are calculated after the normal delivery time, from the suppliers who stock the products. Since we do not have our own stock, we order in products as needed, from publishers and suppliers. Expected delivery of the order, is specified in the checkout before you confirm the order. Note that the expected delivery time is valid for transport in Sweden. The delivery time to other EU-countries, will be considerably longer. For some parts of northern Sweden and Gotland, it is a time delay, this is not included in the estimated delivery time we enter in the site.

Delay: Since we do not have our own stock – we order products daily – so we are depending on that the supply works. Sometimes it happens that a goods delivery is delayed and that means that the delivery of your order, may take a little longer than expected. It may also arise unforeseen delays, in the shipping companies we use for delivery to our customers. We can not guarantee that your order will arrive at a certain day. We can not replace you at any delay. Delivery problems that we know of, you will be aware of, if you provided an email address where we can contact you.

Cancellation: Products we can not deliver, is not backordered, it must be ordered again by you. If we need to cancel any of your order, we will notify you through e-mail, as soon as we receive the necessary information.


We always have a very high level of security - as soon as you arrive to AddBooks, you will start surfing over a secure connection (https), with strong encryption.

Payment: We accept most credit cards. No creditcard information is stored at AddBooks.
There is also potential to direct bank payment, via: Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB, Swedbank or Danske Bank and Swish payment in Sweden.
We are very careful about security, when entering credit card numbers. Any transmission is encrypted (SSL) by our PCI-certified security partners PayPal & Payson. When you place your order, the amount will be reserved on your account. As a customer, you have a duty to ensure that there is money in your account, until AddBooks drew the purchase price – otherwise, has AddBooks right to invoice the amount due.

Personal Information

The personal data you provide to us, is used to enable us to provide you with an adequate service and fulfill our part of the agreement. The data can also be used for our marketing, for example, sending of offers – if you indicated that you want it.

The information submitted by you, will only be used within AddBooks. Of course, you have the right to request correction of inaccurate information about you. You can also manually change your information when you are logged in on your account.

Warranty Terms

We have a one year warranty on physical products. Your order confirmation in PDF-format – applies as warranty receipt. The warranty is valid from date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects and material defects. The warranty does not apply, the damage caused by accidents or negligence and not for accessories.

Accessories are warranted for three months from date of purchase as accessories include, among others, earphones, neck strap, protective case and batteries.

A copy of your orderconfirmation/invoice and a brief description of the defect, must always accompany the call on the warranty.

Right of withdrawal and returns

Consumer always have 14 days withdrawal in Sweden, from when you received the goods (NOTE! Valid only physical products - not MP3- and Ebooks, see below), provided that product and packaging is in new condition. Ie: unopened/unused products with all accompanying parts - such as manuals, CDs / DVDs, etc. The product must be packaged well and shockproof in approved outer packaging (for example, immobilized in a brown cardboard box or similar). Goods sent in envelopes, bags or similar; with address label pasted directly on the product's original box returned to the customer without further action. It is important that you enclose a copy of your orderconfirmation/invoice, or a letter stating your name, your address and your ordernumber and a brief description – why you want to return the product.

If you have paid for the product and your request are approved, we make a refund to you when we received the return. Send an e-mail, with information about your bank and your account number via our Contact form, select topic - Support and indicate which/what goods you will return. We will then give you further instructions. Return postage, according to the Post office postage table, is paid by the customer.

Note that the right does not apply to Ebooks and MP3-books, as these because of their nature, can not be returned. The same thing apply to products that is special equipped, as these can not be resold either.


To return a faulty or damaged product, please e-mail our customer service via our Contact form, select topic - Support. For warranty repair/replacement: Must any accessories – such as power adapter, cables, CDs / DVDs etc accompany. Returned defects reported products, are function tested after customer's fault description. If the product is defective, the defect are remedied, by repair or replacement. If the product does not remain in the range, we replacing it with a equivalent. If the product is found to be flawless, it is returned to the customer. AddBooks AB reserves the right to charge a fee of currently 695 SEK plus VAT to cover shipping and handling costs. Non-return fee for defective products within Sweden.

Law and agreement

In the event that any dispute should arise between AddBooks AB and the customer, shall Swedish law been applied and any trial take place in Sweden.

Links to Third Party Sites

Any links on the homepage, to third party sites, is not controlled by AddBooks and AddBooks therefore has no responsibility for the content of such websites, or the content of the links in those sites. AddBooks provide only those links, to facilitate the finding of websites and links. This does not mean that any approval has been made of AddBooks of the current site.